Everyday Celebrations at Chuck E. Cheese’s



As the Birthday Capital of the Universe, we take our celebrations pretty seriously. The best part of a Chuck E. experience is that it doesn’t have to be your birthday to come in and have an amazing time! A weekday Chuck E. visit can be a great way to have a everyday celebration for a good grade, report card, or other accomplishments. With our delicious pizza, prizes, and games for all ages, there’s no place quite like Chuck E. Cheese’s for a fun family get-together- any day or night of the week.

Kids enjoying playing games during a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's


Chuck E. is a great go-to family outing, because your kids can run around playing, and parents can sit back and relax knowing their kids are safe. With our Kid Check system, when you arrive at our restaurants, you and everyone in your party will be stamped with an invisible hand stamp to ensure that your children can’t leave with anyone but the adults they came with. We are happy to be able to provide a entertainment venue where families can play in a wholesome family environment.

We also offer a wide variety of freshly made food options, including freshly made pizza dough and hand cut veggies. You can chose between our wide variety of pizzas, or opt for a sandwich or salad option.

Admission is always free, and you don’t need a reservation to come in and have fun. You don’t even need to have a reason to come in celebrate, sometimes pizza and games are the perfect way to turn a average day into an awesome one!  Just come on in to your nearest Chuck E. Cheese’s today, and let the fun begin.

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