Pizza Made Fresh! Mom’s Rejoice!

pizza made fresh

Chuck E. Cheese's pizza made fresh with quality ingredients.

With fresh ingredients prepped right in our stores, parents can get just as excited as the kiddos about their next visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Grownup guests are loving our robust pizza’s, made fresh with quality ingredients—sauce made with vine-ripened tomatoes, freshly grated whole-milk mozzarella, handmade dough and locally sourced veggies chopped fresh every day. And a nationwide blind taste test just proved Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza prowess with 57% of participants choosing our Thin & Crispy Pepperoni pizza over Pizza Hut’s.

Check out how Chuck E. Cheese’s new menu is giving families exactly what they want, how they want it – along with a sneak peak of new menu items on the way!


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