Top 6 Things to do on a Rainy Day

rainy day activity for kids

CEC519598_ISP_February_Blog_Post_Branded_ImageThis spring, don’t let a little drizzle rain on your parade. With April Showers just around the corner, there are tons of exciting things you can do inside! Here are six super awesome ways to help your kids beat the rainy day blues. Which ones will you try?


Scrapbook/Photo Album
Have a picture perfect day with your kids—make a scrapbook! It’s always a great way to spend time with the family and focus on what matters. Grab your favorite photos, some art supplies, and let your imaginations go wild. You’ll be having fun… in a flash!CEC519598_ISP_February_Blog_Post_ScrapBook_1


Create Your Own Dance Music Video
Turn any floor into a dance floor! Dancing is an awesome way for kids to stay active and have fun. Make it silly. Make it funny. Grab your kids, grab a mic, and get groovin’ to Chuck E.’s famous “Happy Dance!” Need some moves? Follow us on our YouTube channel!


Drive-In Movie Night
Get ready to turn your living room into a drive-in movie theater! Collect some empty boxes and have the children decorate them as their favorite cars. Set up a concession stand filled with tasty snacks and give each child pretend money they can use. Dim the lights, get comfy, and enjoy!CEC519598_ISP_February_Blog_Post_Drive_in_movie_V2


Scavenger Hunt
Whether it’s one child or a big group, a scavenger hunt is always an exciting way to have fun inside. Create a theme, make a “To Do List” and pick an awesome prize for the winner. Now, you’re all set for a day full of fun!


Sock Puppet Theater
You’ve been trying to get your kids to pick up their socks all year long. So why not make it fun with a DIY home theater?  It’s a terrific and inexpensive way to make your kids put down their phones, have some fun, and maybe get a head start on spring-cleaning! It’s quick. It’s easy. And it doesn’t take much!CEC519598_iStock_000028431060_Full_XL_Puppet-show-on-brown-background_client-purchased_3-22-16_retouched 

Chuck E. Cheese’s
The #1 way to beat a rainy day is going to Chuck E. Cheese’s! Kids will love our awesome games and cool prizes. You’ll love seeing them have fun!CEC519598_ISP_February_Blog_Post_Branded_Image_3

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