5 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

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CEC527580_AprilSpringCleaning_BlogPost_Introv7Spring is here, so you know what that means? Spring cleaning! Whether you’re gettin’ down and dirty or just tidying up around the house, there’s no reason why you can’t get your kids in on the action. Especially if you make it fun! So here are five super awesome ways to make spring-cleaning fun cleaning! Check ‘em out!

Game Time
Plan a scavenger hunt that involves cleaning. Hide some little surprises or homemade tokens throughout the house in places that need attention (sinks, windows, bedrooms). At the end of the game, when everything is clean, your kids can exchange those tokens for an awesome prize… a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s!

Plan a Yard Sale
CEC527580_AprilSpringCleaning_BlogPost_YardsaleAre your kids’ toys taking over? Cut the clutter with a yard sale! It’s always a great way to free up some space, get outside, and have family fun all at the same time.  Have your kids make some signs, post them in the neighborhood, sell some lemonade and let the good times roll. Remember to share the profits between the kids. It will teach them that hard work pays off!

Pump Up the Fun
Crank up the energy and turn on the tunes. Make a playlist with your child’s favorite songs and a list of chores. They’ll boogie down in no time!

“Super Cleaners”
CEC527580_AprilSpringCleaning_BlogPost_DressUpKeep the boredom blues from sinking in with a big day of dress up! Grab an apron and make it a cape. Turn your broom into a wand or even a lightsaber. Once your kids have their super powers, they’ll have the house super clean in no time!

CEC527580_AprilSpringCleaning_BlogPost_Rewards_v3Keep chores from being bores. Download Chuck E. Cheese’s Rewards Calendars and make spring cleaning enjoyable. Plus, it’s a great way to keep the good times going, all year long.  Check the chores off, bring in your Rewards Calendar, and get 10 FREE tokens! Your kids will be begging for more chores in no time.

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