The Top 5 Dad Hacks

dad hack fake out

Being a parent is totally rewarding, but we also know it can be a bit tricky. Check out these ingenious Dad Hacks below to help make life a little simpler and a lot more fun. Don’t forget to take notes!

Dad Hacks #59

Dad Hacks #92


Dad Hack #23: Be prepared. Always wear layers.





Wear two layers like this Dad and you’ll be able to get back to the good, clean fun in no time. No mess. No fuss!

Dad Hacks #49


The Fake Out

Dad Hack #42: The Fake Out: Works. Every. Time. “The Oh-Look Over There” move is a great distraction when you want to sneak a taste of what’s on your kid’s plate. Try this along with all the other great Dad Hacks. They may be a bit out there, but they get the job done!

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