Have a Summer Pizza Party at Chuck E. Cheese’s!

pizza party for kids

It’s summer! The sun’s blazing, school’s out, and whether you’re a parent, coach, or camp counselor, you’re quickly running out of activities to keep the kids busy. Why not host a Group Event at Chuck E. Cheese’s—90 minute pizza party with drinks, 26 tokens per kid (for a limited time only), and a reserved table for 10 or more children and a supervising adult! Follow these steps to beat the heat and amp up the fun for everyone.

Invite & Excite
First, book your Group Event at least a day in advance.  Waiting can be a bother, but it can motivate kids to behave and give them something to look forward to!

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Once you’re booked and ready for fun, put your own spin on invitations with customizable invites from Chuck E. Cheese’s! Creating them is simple, easy, and most importantly, fun! Invites can either be printed or sent out via email, ensuring you’ll get an RSVP, ASAP. Remember to please get signed permission slips if your organization requires them.

Countdown To FunCEC540756_July_Group_Event_Blog_5_CountdownInvitations are out and RSVPs are in. What’s next? Let the excitement build for you and your crew. Start the countdown for your group event—they’ll save the date, you’ll save the day!

Dress to Impress
Have your kids decorate their clothes for the event with neon colors, beads, sparkles, and other fun accessories. It’ll keep them coordinated and looking cool!

Fuel the FunCEC540756_July_Group_Event_Blog_4_DessertKids will love the pizza party, but they also loooove dessert. Luckily, when you book a group event, you get both plus a lot more on our delicious lunch buffet. Hot pizza, a fresh salad bar, and endless dessert— the pie’s the limit for everyone.

Make It Picture Perfect
CEC540756_July_Group_Event_Blog_6_SelfieTake pics, vids and selfies to create a scrapbook full of awesome memories! Don’t forget to look at the camera and say, “Chuck E. Cheese’s!”

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