Chuck E. Goes to Washington!

Vote Now

A Fun Activity to Teach Kids About the Electoral Process

Vote NowCome November, moms and dads everywhere will be submitting their votes for the next President of the United States. Although they have years to go before they can vote, your kids can get in on the action with Chuck E. now! This election year, your child can vote online through October 31st for their favorite Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza! Taste a personal size of the winning pizza at Chuck E. Cheese’s for free on November 8th with the purchase of any pizza. Here are 5 simple ideas to make this a fun and educational opportunity!

1. Discuss the Pros and Cons of the Pizza CandidatesPizza CandidatesDiscuss with your kids what pizza they think should be the one that wins! Why is that pizza their favorite? Do they think that pizza would be the best pizza at birthday parties, fundraisers, or play dates at Chuck E. Cheese’s? Discuss the pros and cons! It’s a fun way to introduce them to critical thinking and debating before submitting their vote.

2. Go To the Polls!
Once your child decides which is their favorite pizza to vote for, it’s time to go to the polls! Visit this website:, where your child can cast their vote. 

3. Make “I Voted” Stickers
I Voted Sticker
Once your little one casts their vote, make sure they get what every voter gets—an “I Voted” sticker! Make one yourself by printing out an “I Voted” image on sticker paper. Cut around the desired shape, then peel and stick! 

4. Check the Results November 3rd
Find out which pizza won on November 3rd at Then download the coupon to get a personal size of the winning pizza for free with any pizza purchase.

5. Election Day (November 8th)!
Today’s the day! Come in with your coupon, or just mention that you voted at the register, for your FREE personal pizza. Maybe even wear your “I Voted” sticker too! Plan to have a fun-filled day of activities and pizza!

Exercise Your Right to Vote…And Your Right to Pizza!
No matter your vote, be sure to enjoy a trip to every kid’s favorite place: Chuck E. Cheese’s! Enjoy a day filled with cool games, awesome prizes, and delicious freshly made pizza!

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