Join Chuck E. Cheese’s & Cartoon Network in “Stop Bullying: Speak Up”

Anti-bullying_ParentChuck E. Cheese’s is taking a stand against bullying by partnering with Cartoon Network and its Anti-Bullying initiative, “Stop Bullying: Speak Up.” This partnership is dedicated to ending bullying and to encouraging kindness amongst children.

Anti-Bullying_friendsThat’s why this month we ask that you and your kids join Chuck E. in taking the pledge to stand against bullying. Fill out the pledge here.

Anti-Bullying_PledgeBe sure to print out your pledge and take it to your local Chuck E. Cheese’s. As a thank you for standing up against bullying you’ll receive 50 free tickets! Encourage your child to make a new friend at school and take them along! They can enjoy a day filled with kids games, awesome prizes, and delicious pizza!

Remember, if your child sees bullying, remind them of these 4 simple ways to stop it:

  1.  Tell an adult- Advise your child to tell an adult (parent, teacher, or someone they trust) if they see bullying. It’s not tattling, they are helping someone out.
  2.  Be Friendly- Say a few kind words to someone being bullied. It makes a world of a difference.
  3.  Get Involved- Suggest that your child volunteer in their school’s bullying prevention program, or that they encourage others at school to speak up against bullying.
  4.  Speak Up- No matter if it’s them or a classmate, the best way to put a stop to bullying is to speak up.

Putting a stop to bullying is everyone’s responsibility, and speaking up will make a huge difference to someone. Encourage your child to speak up!

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