How to Have a Successful Family Game Night

Kid Activities - Family Game Night

The weekend is almost here, and you’re in need of fun kid activities ideas that will entertain the whole family. Family game night is a great way to teach kids how to play fair, develop skills, and even perform better in school. Here are 5 tips on how to have a successful family game night:

  1. Turn off the TV, cellphones, tablets, and any other electronic devices that can cause distractions. Keep the focus on enjoying the time spent together, and ultimately, strengthening family bonds through play.
  2. Take a vote on which games should be played. Don’t confine family game night to only indoor kid activities, use this as an opportunity for the whole family to get active.
  3. Set out a list a rules to ensure the competition will remain friendly and minimize the risk of conflicts arising.
  4. It wouldn’t be family game night without snacks. Bust out the popcorn, bowls of fruit, or any other kind of finger foods to munch on throughout the evening.
    Family Game Night - Snack Bowl
  5. Break time! Don’t take too much time off to avoid loss of interest and boredom, so limit breaks to around 10 minutes. This is the only time where checking texts/emails is acceptable while the other players replenish the snack bowls or take a potty break. Consider downloading the Chuck E. Cheese apps Skate Universe and Party Galaxy as alternative kid activities for the little ones to take part in during down time for a chance to win up 1,000 tickets!

Keep the fun going by rewarding your kids with a trip to every kid’s favorite place: Chuck E. Cheese’s. Enjoy a day filled with super cool games, awesome prizes, and delicious pizza!

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