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Family Fun - Ice Skating

Winter Birthday Parties

Family Fun - Ice SkatingLet’s face it, winter birthday parties can be a challenge. With the colder temps and, depending on where you live, the ever-present possibility of rain, snow or blustery breezes, bounce houses are usually a bad idea, and picnics, trips to the zoo, and basically all outdoor activities are non-starters. So what’s the parent or guardian of a winter baby to do when a birthday celebration is in order? Try one of these five winter birthday party ideas – and watch your child’s eyes light up.

Classic Slumber Party

Gather your child’s closest friends for a classic slumber party – sans phones, tablets, and laptops. Decorate the house with streamers and balloons, let them play board games, do some arts and crafts, play charades and just be kids. If the weather’s nice, they can even play tag in the yard, build forts or snowmen, etc. As the sun begins to set, order a pizza or make your child’s favorite dinner, then pop in (or stream) a movie or two, serve popcorn in small movie theater-style containers, and leave them to enjoy the night. In the morning, make pancakes or waffles, give the kids back their phones, and send them on their way with full bellies and happy memories.

Rock Out

If your child or teen is active and outdoorsy, spending the day at a rock gym might just be one of the best winter birthday ideas around. All you’ll need to do is reserve the time at the gym, and your son or daughter can celebrate their big day with an indoor adventure. Most rock gyms offer party or group packages, which include equipment, instruction from professionals, and often includes food and drinks. If parents want to come along, they can easily rent their own gear and join the fun, or you can all hang back and socialize, snap photos, and watch all of the action on the big walls. (Release forms will likely need to be signed, so if a guest’s parent isn’t going to accompany him or her, have the parent sign the release form and return it to you well ahead of the party.)

Hockey or Ice Skating

Plan a party that takes full advantage of the season. If your kids love hockey or ice skating, you can either plan a trip to see a professional (or minor league) hockey match or ice skating performance, or you can let them get in on the action by contacting your local ice rink. Most rinks have birthday party packages that give kids free skate time, but some also allow kids the chance to play hockey with their friends, so call to find out what’s available in your area. Best of all, when the kids have had enough of the ice, most rinks offer arcade games and other activities, as well as food, snacks and drinks.

Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Party

This winter birthday party idea is a classic for a reason – kids love it! Instead of hosting at your house, it is infinitely more fun and so much easier to host your party at your kid’s favorite pizza place- Chuck E. Cheese’s! The games give your kids the opportunity to win tickets that they can exchange for prizes, which makes the party even more fun! Chuck E. Cheese’s

You can host this at your house, but it’s infinitely more fun, and so much easier, if you host a party at your child’s favorite pizza place. Look for one with everything from arcade games and laser tag to music, so everyone will have the chance to play their way. And if the games give the kids the opportunity to win tickets that they can exchange for prizes, even better. Most pizza places that host parties offer reserved tables, so you can plan the party well in advance, place your order before you arrive, and have piping-hot pizza, drinks, salads and appetizers ready for the kids at any time. Best of all, there’s no clean-up for you.

Super Hero Party

If your child loves super heroes, host a theme party that takes full advantage of his or her passion. First, invite guests to arrive wearing their favorite super hero costume, then go about transforming your living room, basement or rec room into a super-hero’s lair. To do this, just turn the lights low, drape the walls in party streamers, create a large handmade photo backdrop that matches the party’s theme, and play your child’s favorite super-hero cartoons or feature-length films on a big screen or your TV. Give all of the kids the chance to pose for pictures in front of the backdrop, then print the photos and place them in picture frames that you’ve decoupaged with images from comic books (these are your party favors). For food, go simple and kid friendly. Think hot dogs, burgers or pizza, plus veggies and hummus, and fruit, as well as super-hero cupcakes or a large sheet cake.

If none of these winter birthday party ideas for kids is quite right for your child, use them as inspiration to develop one of your own. An ice skating party could easily become a roller skating or bowling party, the super hero party concept could be used for a ballerina-themed event, or even a party based around magic tricks. The options really are endless. All you need is a little time and a few creative ideas, and you can throw a party that your little one will love.

Check out Chuck E. Cheese’s for more info on planning kid’s birthday parties.

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