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Let’s get the party started, with birthday activities from Chuck E. Cheese’s. We put the fun back into party planning, with great ideas for the whole family.


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Birthday parties should be a time when friends and family can come together, have fun, and celebrate the day. But all too often, birthday parties, and the requisite kids’ party activities, become larger-than-life events that take hours of planning, and budgets that spin quickly out of control. Fortunately, there are some simple birthday party activities that are not only fun, but affordable – and easy to plan and execute – that will keep the kids at your party entertained for hours.

Cupcake Bar

What it is: It’s one of the simplest and most delicious birthday activities around. And since you’re probably going to serve cake anyway, it makes quick work two items on your to-do list. Chuck E. Cheese’s allows you to bring in your own décor, cake and ice cream. So get creative!

How it works: Instead of serving slices of cake to your guest, turn cake time into activity time with a cupcake bar. Just give each of your guests a bare cupcake, and invite them to decorate their cake themselves. All you need to do is supply a few types of frosting, bowls of sprinkles and colored sugar, nuts (though be mindful of allergies), colorful candies, etc. Setting up the cupcake bar takes almost no time, and virtually all of the ingredients can be purchased, rather than homemade, if time is short.

Photo Booth Fun

What it is: Now that everyone has a fantastic camera in their phones, playing dress up is even more fun. And as far as kids’ birthday party activities go, this one’s incredibly simple.

How it Works: To create a photo booth experience, hang fabric (or a fantastic sheet or curtain) from a rod in a bathroom, a bedroom, or from a branch on a tree if your party is an outside affair. Provide party-goers with dress-up gear, which you may already have plenty of. Give guests fun things to wear, like silly glasses, wands, tiaras, top hats, boas, etc. (or stick with items that coordinate with the theme of your party). Then, just let the kids dress up, snap pictures of themselves, and enjoy some time being silly.


What it is: This fun, old-fashioned game requires almost no planning and no equipment, but delivers plenty of fun.

How it Works: Before the game begins, create topics that your guests will have to act out. Write your ideas down on slips of paper, fold them, then put them in a bowl, pitcher or a hat. Next, divide your group into teams. Then, one person from “Team A” chooses a slip of paper and lets his or her team know whether it’s a movie, a book, or a thing, then wordlessly acts out the topic. The remaining members of “Team A” try to guess the topic. If guessed correctly, “Team A” earns a point. The process repeats with “Team B,” etc. As the game moves along, every person in every team should have the opportunity to act out a topic, so make sure that there are plenty to accommodate the size of your groups. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins – and prizes may be awarded if desired.

Treasure Hunt

What it is: A sleuthing safari where kids find “lost” artifacts from the birthday boy’s or girl’s favorite period, movie, or experience.

How it Works: Start by placing all of the treasures in their “secret” locations. Develop a single clue (or scenario) that will set the kids on their adventure, then at each treasure, leave clues that will help them find the next artifact until they finally end at their ultimate destination. For big kids, the hunt could lead them around your neighborhood and end at a nearby pizza place or an ice cream shop. For little kids, the entire treasure hunt might be conducted under adult supervision in a park or even in your own house and back yard – and end with a treasure chest filled with prizes that the kids can keep.

If you don’t have the time to work on your own birthday activity ideas, think about hosting your party at Chuck E. Cheese’s, where there are plenty of things that kids of all ages can enjoy. If the weather is nice, a trip to a petting zoo and a picnic at a local park can also be wonderful places to relax and enjoy the day. Just make sure to have a plan for dessert – because a birthday party just isn’t the same without cake, or brownies, and ice cream.

Check out Chuck E. Cheese’s for more info on planning kid’s birthday parties.

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