Planning A Kindergarten Graduation

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As your little one’s kindergarten graduation nears, instead of waxing sentimental and making a scrapbook dedicated to his or her formative years, reach out to those you know and love, and plan a wonderful celebration. By honoring important achievements and milestones, you can reinforce your support for your child, and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course, planning a celebration is often easier said than done, so take a look at a few kindergarten graduation ideas that can help inspire you to plan a party that’s easy on you – and fun for everyone. Take a look:

  • Open House: After the graduation, or a few days later, host a happy-hour style open house for your child’s friends and family. Serve finger foods and drinks that parents and kids will enjoy. Think veggies and dip/hummus, finger sandwiches, mini-pizzas, chips and salsa/guacamole, popcorn, satay, summer rolls, and the like, as well as special cocktails (for parents), and mocktails and punch (for everyone). For dessert, serve cupcakes or mini-cupcakes featuring mortarboard and diploma decorations. When it comes to activities, just set up some backyard games, like cornhole, hula hoops, or lawn bowling and let the kids play while the adults mingle. For the party, be sure to hand out, mail, or email your kindergarten graduation invitations a few weeks ahead of time so you know just how much food to prepare.
  • Restaurant Respite at Chuck E. Cheese’s: Make reservations at your little one’s favorite pizza place and head there directly after the graduation ceremony. This will give your family and your child (as well as his or her classmates and friends, if invited) the opportunity to kick back and relax. And if you choose a place with video and arcade games and/or activity areas for kids, everyone can play to their heart’s content while indulging in delicious fare. If possible, request RSVPs several weeks in advance so that the restaurant has plenty of room set aside for your kindergarten graduation party.
  • Picnic in the Park: If the weather is nice, you can host a graduation party at your favorite local park. With plenty of playground equipment and room to roam, you won’t have to plan any form of entertainment for the kids. And with the addition of a folding table or two and camp chairs, you’ll have room for everyone who attends. When it comes to drinks and food, just bring a cooler filled with water, juices and sparking sodas, as well as sandwich fixing or dishes that you can grill on site, and some classic picnic sides, like fresh fruit salad, green and/or potato salads, chips and dip, veggies and hummus, etc. To make it even easier, make this celebration one that’s for every child and ask that the families who attend to bring their own main dishes and a side to share.
  • The Big One: If you’re inclined toward big parties that go all out to celebrate milestones, host a party at home and pull out all the stops. Think bounce house, a kids’ menu – complete with pizza, taquitos, edamame, fruit kababs, cupcakes and punch – as well as special fare just for the adults, like a crisp green salad, olives, toasted nuts, charcuterie platters, sliders, flatbreads, and an assortment of wine, beer and mocktails. For décor, decorate the kids’ area in graduation themed bunting, kid-friendly tablecloths, streamers and balloons, and for the adults’ area, dim the lights a touch, light some candles and make the space as lounge-like as possible.
  • Special Sleepover: If a kids-only party sounds like the perfect way to help your little one celebrate his or her kindergarten graduation, host a small sleepover. Invite your child’s closest friends, decorate with balloons and streamers, then just let them play. For dinner, order a pizza or two, then serve popcorn and cupcakes as they watch movies that evening. This type of party is best held on a weekend, or a day when you don’t have to go to work the next morning, so send out your kindergarten graduation invitations early to make sure that your child’s friends’ celebrations and schedules won’t conflict with your own.

A kindergarten graduation party is just like any other party. In order to make it great, all you need to do is consider the purpose of the event, your guests, and your budget. With those things sorted out, formulate some party ideas, weigh the pros and cons of each, and decide which will suit your needs best. Regardless of what type of party you host, remember to relax, have fun, and celebrate your child’s accomplishment – and don’t forget to snap plenty of pictures for that scrapbook of yours.

Check out Chuck E. Cheese’s for more info on planning parties or kindergarten graduations.

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