Turn Your Report Card into Play Points!

Any parents out there who loved Chuck E. Cheese’s in their youth may remember our beloved report card offer. Good news – it is back! Come in to our stores anytime between May 21st- June 30th and show your child’s report card and receive ten free play points for their hard work! This is a fantastic way to treat your kids for the end of the school year.

Girl excited to play arcade games in Chuck E. Cheese's with report card

You Learn More, You Earn More!

In the revival culture of today’s media, nostalgia is playing a bigger part in what we watch and want to interact with more than ever. Families of all ages are coming together to enjoy these blast from the past moments and relive past experiences. Over here at Chuck E. Cheese’s, we were super excited to bring back this offer as we all remember the pride and joy of turning in a good report card and being rewarded for our progress and efforts. We all remember seeing the commercial on TV of the child taking out everything in his back pack, from a rubber chicken to a saxophone looking for the report card. We are thrilled to bring this offer back to a new generation.

The end of the school year marks the start of every kid’s favorite time of year – the season of play! Chuck E’s Play Pass and our report card offer gives your child the power of play, which is a perfect way to kick of their summer vacation!

Enjoy this blast from the past – Fun Report Card Commercials from the Early 2000’s.

Find your nearest location and join in on the fun!


*With any food purchase, valid 5/21-6/30.

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