Five Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids | Chuck E. Cheese’s

Family Fun - Ice Skating

Winter Birthday Parties

Let's face it, winter birthday parties can be a challenge. With the colder temps and, depending on where you live, the ever-present possibility of rain, snow or blustery breezes, bounce houses are usually a bad idea, and picnics, trips to the zoo, and basically all outdoor activities are non-starters. So what's the parent or guardian of a winter— Read More...

How to Make the Perfect Pizza

The Mac Cheesy pizza

There are so many reasons why pizza is the best food ever made. It’s ultimate crowd-pleaser as people all ages can enjoy a slice, it’s the perfect meal at any time of the day, AND its leftovers are just as good as it coming fresh out of the oven. At Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza is our specialty, so we felt that it is necessary to share all of the— Read More...

National Pizza Month

National Pizza Month_Football

October is a month to celebrate football games, Halloween, and so much more. It's also the month when we recognize the most popular food on earth, pizza!— Read More...

Chuck E. Goes to Washington!

Vote Now

A Fun Activity to Teach Kids About the Electoral Process

Come November, moms and dads everywhere will be submitting their votes for the next President of the United States. Although they have years to go before they can vote, your kids can get in on the action with Chuck E. now! This election year, your child can vote online through October 31st for their favorite Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza! Taste a— Read More...